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Our Legal Practices


Ms Narayan offers the finest solution to all you legal worries . With the frequent change in our technology and surrounding we may be challenged with different range of demands and occasional dispute.

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Life has 2 Certainties. Birth and Death. Be it said Death is unknown to all. Making a Will before death ensures safe keeping of assets, liabilities and estate even after you moved on. For that one certainty BIRTH, planning is a worthy strategy or in case of an unexpected death of a family member with assets legal proceeding ought to be followed. I am here to assist you in your decision making process as to how best to bequeath, what obligation you must ensure is met and so forth.


Monies is a means to an end and with all business activity it is important that your business relationships is finely defined. We do have fallouts in any relationship and it may happen in business relationship. I do all forms of contract from sale of property, employment, Investment, tenancy and so forth. I am also able to assist you in setting up your business and tax structure and assist you in setting investment in Fiji. We also prepare conveyance documents. It is important that you are fully aware of your interests and how best to protect them.


Creation of the mind is a gift. It is your intellectual creation and is entitled to protection of the law. No other person can take ownership of your creativity unless you have failed to register it. I will assist you in taking steps to register ownership of your creativity, and ensuring that no one can take advantage of your intellectual creation. This intellectual creation can give you income or be a platform for recognition of your hard work. Your creation is your design, music, invention and more so must be protected in all countries not just one.


Litigation is an art and beauty lies in the presentation, etiquette and how you come across as an individual. It is judgemental in that we are being judged on the evidence and how we present. They say Honesty is the best Policy and that is true in Litigation. Expensive as it is Litigation is the last resort .I strive to ensure that parties mediate or try to resolve the issue so that time and cost is reduced. Time and money lost cannot be retrieved. I have practiced in all courts and primarily concentrate on the Magistrate and the High Court.


Relationship is all about adding and subtracting-either by adding a child into your lives or an attorney into your business by either matter responsibilities & duties arises with it. In many cases due to downfall of uncertainties separation occurs be it family or business. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of our daily interactions and experience providing the utmost legal solution will be at its finest.

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