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Eating Lunch

Its 2018 and I have not made any resolutions to change myself.

The one thing I have been trying to do since last year is having lunch before 2:00pm. Yes, you would think that being your own boss has its benefits but nay, there are many things that create obstacles to having lunch. It is a question of time and making the time.

Firstly, to have lunch I need to make sure that I have prepared my lunch. Being a fussy vegetarian, there is less option of food and restaurants. I try to avoid food from restaurants – firstly the food is not healthy and secondly the cook has not cooked with the pleasure to feed. So this means that either I go home and have a leisure lunch or bring lunch – bringing lunch has its added problem –I am at the desk and it is working lunch.

So off course the office needs to have someone at desk – so if everyone goes out at the same time, who will manage the office to attend to people. Adjustments have to be made – it is wrong to send workers to eat alone.

So just having lunch has its problems.

I am sure we all face similar problems. It is good when you are at school because the time is fixed – 12-1 is lunch time. Maybe I should just consider just that and enjoy lunch at a park – there is no square here in Fiji where you can enjoy just sitting and eating your lunch outside and Nasese is a drive away.

We need to eat at lunch to be able to function best after lunch and ensure that we do not snack in the afternoon. This is what causes us to gain more weight.

So from Monday, 15th –I must put myself as priority and have lunch. A well-nourished lawyer is able to accomplish more. And what justice I do to my digestive system by not making it a priority.

I hope you enjoyed your lunch and will make all effort to make sure it is not at a desk or at a meeting where you are multi-tasking. I am going to ensure that I have lunch and enjoy every bite.

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