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COVID-19 policy

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic status. Yesterday 19 March 2020, we have had the Fijian Prime Minister announce that there is a person infected with COVID-19 in Lautoka. To ensure our safety, our clients safety, the lawyers on opposing side, colleagues, courier people and every person who we have a business relationship with, we have created a policy which is:

  1. There will be no face to face meeting unless circumstances are exceptional;

  2. All communication with the office will be by email or telephone;

  3. Execution of documents such as probate documents, affidavits will be held in limited time duration and we request that you bring your own pens and have your hand sanitized or washed with soap - we will request that your use our restroom facilities to wash your hands where I will be witnessing, should the need arise.

  4. Serving of letters and documents – we request that you contact our office by phone or email when documents are to be served – we encourage you to serve the documents by email unless we request for a physical copy. We also encourage service persons to be gloved.

The courts are open but there are restrictions in place to ensure the safety of the court personnel, the presiding Judge or magistrate and the solicitors. We will keep our clients updated as the situation becomes much clearer next week.

Be safe, practice hand washing as often as possible, ensure you have a hand cream with you to prevent dryness and take an effort to do the bucket lists

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